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Antique Oak Revolving Bookcase
RAF Trench Art Ashtray from the WW2 era. 685.00 CND
Medalta Pottery EA Toshach 595.00 CND
Gulf Oil Sign ca1970.
Multi-Drawer Apothecary Cabinet
Vintage Chinese Advertising Posters
A.H. Fox Toy Shotgun
WW1-era British Bulldog Print
1950s Niagara Motion Lamp
Antique Antler Crib Boards
Hubbard A&C Ceiling Light 2400.00 CND
Vintage Shot-up Stop Sign
6-Board Pine Trunk ca1850 345.00 CND
Trench Art Bullet Lamp
1960s Buescher Alto Saxophone
Vintage Wooden Barber Pole with wooden wall mounting bracket in excellent condition. The pole measures approx. 46
Daisy Red Ryder 1950s 185.00 CND
Arts&Crafts Barrister Bookcase 2150.00 CND
Vintage Railway Crossing Light 485.00 CND
1930s Wyandotte Toy Airplane 195.00 CND
Mack Truck Bulldog Ashtray 265.00 CND
Vintage Beta Well Sign 285.00 CND
Woodward's Motor Oil Can circa 1960. Both cans have been opened and each measures 6.5
Antique Lightning Rod Weathervane 425.00 CND
Small Mahogany Display Case
The Rig Wolfgang Schilbach 295.00 CND
Abel Phillippe Design c.1925 cast bronze. 2600.00 CND
Antique Hand-Painted Cabinet Doors 360.00/pr CND
Antique A&C Games Table 1295.00 CND
Northern Electric Wall Phone 395.00 CND
1850s Pine Dry Sink, 1350.00 CND
Primitive Mirrored Medicine Cabinet. 325.00 CND
Mid-Century Onyx Cigarette Holder 335.00CND
Antique Mahogany Occasion Table. 595.00CND
Vintage Wooden Skis & Poles 345.00 CND
Enterprise #2 Coffee Grinder 1095.00 CND
Vintage Wool Inuvik Parka 695.00 CND
1913 Charles Ambrose Lithographs 695.00 CND
Antique Leather Fringed Chaps 685.00 CND
Trench Art WW1 Lighter 145.00 CND
Outside Horn Gramophone ca.1915 1395.00 CND
Antique Buffalo Bank Amherst 465.00 CND
Vintage Metal 7-Up Thermometer 365.00 CND
Antique Haida Model Canoe 485.00 CND
Oak Jewelry Box ca1900 385.00 CND
Vintage Carved Wooden Eagle 485.00 CND
1949 Zane Grey Set 340.00 CND
1940's Pedal Car Murray 750.00 CND
Antique Tilt-Top Table 695.00 CND
Arts & Crafts Display Cabinet 650.00 CND
A&C Two Tier Table 1050.00 CND
Antique Oak Mirror with Hooks. 385.00 CND
Antique Quarter-sawn Victorian Mirror 750.00 CND
Mission Library Desk Ca 1905 785.00 CND
Victorian Oak Hall Stand 1425.00CND
Antique Tambour Letter Cabinet 485.00CND
Antique Adjustable Piano Stool 345.00 CND
Antique Oak Adjustable Stool 345.00 CND
Antique Tobacco Cutter Ca 1900 325.00 CND
Stromberg Electric Clock ca.1915 350.00 CND
Mid-Century Modern Bookends 165.00 CND
Antique A&C Oak Stool
John Deere Tractor Plates 220.00 CND Pr
Dunlop Fan Belt Display 345.00 CND
Vintage Cast Pedestal Mailbox 625.00 CND
Moorcroft Lamp Spring Flowers 745.00 CND
Pilot Goggles WW2 RAF 365.00 CND
Copper Horse Weather Vane 685.00CND
Antique Rotating Smoker 1800s. 395.00 CND
Antique Pewter 16th-19th Century. Collection of various pewter items ranging from the 16th - 19th century.
1900s picture frame $265.00 CND
Vintage Child's Kick Scooter. 295.00 CND
48-Star Cotton US Flag 395.00 CND
Antique Kellogg Wall Phone 545.00 CND
Antique Religious Altar 1912 495.00 CND
Vintage Schlitz Lighted Sign. 365.00 CND
1850 Percussion Cap Rifle
Antique Stained Glass Windows
Antique Boat lamp WW2 750.00 CND
Antique Taxidermy Mounted 395.00 CND
Antique oak drafting stool 695.00 CND
Antique Singer Sewing Stool 465.00 CND
Antique Adjustable Reading Table 750.00 CND
Tramp Art Picture Frames
Arts & Crafts Table Lamp Sold
Antique Oak Fireplace Surround 1950 CND
Vintage Steeplechase Jockey Lighter 340.00 CND
Antique wicker planter 450.00 CND
Antique Golf Clubs 325.00 CND
Antique Jewelry box Victorian 365.00 CND
Antique/Vintage Coca-Cola
Frank Lloyd Wright era doors ca. 1910
Antique Firewood storage box. 745.00 CND
Canada Goose Decoys
Art Deco Lamp 1930s. 495.00 CND
Large Vintage Fish. 465.00 CND
Morris Chair Ca 1910. 1850.00 CND
Vintage Iroqouis Carving by Jacob Thomas. Carving stands 12-3/4
Motor Magazines 1932-1938 95.00 ea. CND
Tinder Box Ca 1900 235.00 CND
MCM Dazor Floor Lamp 725.00 CND
Vintage Stained Glass 845.00 CND
Canadian Pacific Railway Poster 145.00 CND
Canadian Pacific Railway Billboard 145.00 CND
Antique Hand-Carved Wooden Frame 295.00 CND
Solid Brass Porthole Mirror 525.00 CND
Canada Cement Company Thermometer 295.00 CND
Vintage Decoy Ducks **SOLD**
Gingerbread Clock Ca. 1890 145.00 CND
Oak Multi-drawer cabinet 495 CND
Piano Stool ca.1880 225.00 CND
1890 WM Gilbert Schoolhouse Clock 495.00 CND
1920s Victor Tombstone Radio 525.00 CND
Victorian Footstool ca. 1870 325.00 CND
Victorian Waterbury Mantle Clock. 265.00 CND
Arts & Crafts Cane Stand ca.1920 395.00 CND
A Horse Rocker ca. 1850.  Various types of wood, square nails and has been well loved.  Completely restored 34
Barrister Bookcase ca. 1911 1395.00 CND
Art Nouveau Wall Sconces 695.00 pr. CND
MCM Wooden Lamp 295.00 CDN
Art Deco Crane Lamp 325.00 CND
Quaker State Double Sided 595.00 CND
Pirelli Light Sign
Tramp Art Log Ashtray 1454.00 CND
Art Deco Airplane Table Lamp 765.00 CND
Art Deco Tantalus Decanters 895.00 CND
Stickley Style Rocker 1905
German Shepherd door stop 495.00 CND
Bull Dog door stop Ca. 1920 485.00 CND
Boston Bull Terrier door stop 495.00 CND
Bull Dog door stop 795.00 CND
Art Nouveau Photo Album 295.00 CND
Arts & Crafts Desk 1950.00 CND
Antique Music Box Cobs 20.00 ea. CND
Soda Counter Chairs 1947. 280.00 ea. CND
Oak Optometrist Cabinet 1910 695.00 CND
Authorized DeLaval metal sign 695.00 CND
Arts and Crafts Secretary Desk , ca. 1910. The simple but elegant green stained glass buds stand out against the dark stain of this dresser.
Roman Column Plant Stand 365.00 CND
Antique Dry Sink 1840 1595.00 CND
Doctor In Out sign 495.00 CND
Various Antique Powder Horns
Grain/Platform Scale 1911
'Ace' 5 lb Coffee Tin
WWII RAF Officer's Tray 265.00 CND
Primitive Tool Box 395.00 CND
Document Box ca.1850 395.00CND
Trench Art Artillery Shell 395.00 CND
Roycroft Candle Holder 525.00 CND
1900s Oak Display Case 695.00 CND
1950s Army Truck 130.00CND
Roycroft Candle Holder 425.00 CND
Brownie Camera No.2A 245.00 CND
Vintage Marksman Six-20 145.00 CND
Antique Kodak Camera #3 245.00 CND
J&P Coats Spool Cabinet  695.00CND
Vintage Canoe Paddles 365.00 Pr.
Gazelle Art Deco Radio Lamp 1930s 495.00 CND
Primitive Green side table Ca.1820 325.00 CND
Antique Radiator Caps
Antique Hickory Paddles 1920s. 365.00 Pr.
Antique Industrial Coffee Mill
Machinist tool Chest 1930s 665.00 CND
Vintage Canadian Nautical Ensign 695.00 CND
Industrial Wagon Coffee Table 1495.00 CND
Antique glass beaded Rosary 165.00 CND
Swift Mill Industrial Coffee Grinder #12
Antique Chess Table Early Empire era 2350.00 CND
Cunard Line Lithograph 1948 1425.00 CND
Herringbone Rocking Chair 425.00 CND
Original Chevrolet Hood Ornament 270.00 CND
Plymouth Fury Hood Ornament 195.00 CND
Stickley era Dining set 1905. 5800.00 CND
Aladdin Lamp #9 365.00 CND
Rocking Horse ca.1890 435.00 CND
Tin Car Girard Balloon 1920s 395.00 CND
Royal Doulton Vase 1902 395.00 CND
Vintage Crocodile Cane 295.00 CND
Brass Baritone Horn 1910 495.00 CND
Vulcan Toy Sewing Machine 140.00 CND
Casige Toy Sewing Machine Fairytale 245.00 CND
Bone and Black Hickory Cane 365.00 CND
Antique Arts and Crafts Basket or Stand . 345.00 CND
Kraemer Toy Sewing Machine 140.00 CND
Victorian Cobblers heel applicator, 85.00 CND
Casige Post-War Toy Sewing Machine 295.00 CND
POW Kananaskis Picture Frame 345.00 CND
Fram Filters Clock 1950s 595.00 CND
Book Press ca. 1890 845.00 CND
Dodge Ram Hood Ornament 1952 315.00 CND
Antique bicycle lamp. 425.00 CND
Antique Pine Salt Box 195.00 CND
Tea Caddy Victorian -Era 345.00 CND
Motion Lamp from 1929 345.00CND
Fireman's Helmet Ca 1935 325.00 CND
Antique Wall Coffee Grinder 340.00 CND
International Harvester Toy Truck
Pixie Planter
Soapstone Carving Signed 540.00 CND
Victorian Leather Car Hamper 765.00 CND
Georgian Era Candle Stick 185.00 CND
Oak Medicine Cabinet 395.00 CND
Antique medicine cabinet 265.00 CND
Antique tins
Antique Wooden Butter Molds. Contact for price
Antique carved wooden bookends 325.00 CND
Original Canadian Pacific Railway silkscreen 2600 CND
Antique Horse Weather Vane 595.00 CND
Rectangle framed stained glass ca. 1890. 38 1/4
Morris Chair recliner Ca 1890.
Morris Chair Recliner 1910.
Antique Sleigh Bells 8' Ca 1900 295.00 CND
Millbank Cigarette Display 1940s. 295.00 CND
Automobile Tool Display 1940s 165.00 CND
Vintage Sherwood Williams Porcelain Sign 1947. 1495.00 CND
Antique Miniature Dresser 1870 295.00 CND
Scottie Book Ends 1920s. 320.00 CND
Antique Oak Plant stand 455.00 CND
Red Wing Churn 1925. 5 gallon Red Wing Butter Churn Ca 1925.  All complete with lid and original dasher with no cracks or chips.
National Cash Register 1916. 1495.00 CND
V- Trunk Quebec Ca 1750.
Windsor Hoop back chair ca 1840. 325.00 CND
Antique Jewellers/watch repair cabinet Ca1900.
Moorcroft Walter Vase & Bowl 1947-53 365.00 Vase is sold
Antique Chess Table 1870 695.00 CND
Vintage Hudson Bay Blankets
Antique Art Nouveau chairs
Antique Oak desk Ca. 1900.
Antique Tiger Oak Table
Art Nouveau Dining Set
Antique Demi lune Table 750.00 CND
Antique Butternut table 1860 450.00 as-is
Antique Boat Propeller 1920's. 185.00 CND
Wood Paddles Ca 1920's. 
1934 Chevrolet Radiator Grill. 
Rembrandt Painting Anatomy Lesson 695.00 CND
Vintage Sweater Wool 1955. 185.00 CND
Antique Dresser miniature 1910. 195.00 CND
Beaver Pelt Taxidermy. 225.00 CND
Canadian Pacific Railroad Vintage sign 1949-1968.
Brunswick Pool Scoreboard Ca 1920s-30s. 525.00 CND
Vintage Toy Cash Register 1940s-50s. 145.00 CND
Victorian Bedroom set 1870 3950.00 CND
Antique Wine Press Oak ca.1910. 1495.00 CND
Medalta Stoneware 1920's to the 1950's.
Antique/vintage Glass Paper weights .
Antique/Vintage Tobacco items. Tobacco Pipes, Tins, ashtrays ,cigarette holders and paraphernalia.
Antique Statue/Plant Stand Ca 1840. 650.00 CND
Red Head Oil Can 1940s-50s. 295.00 CND
Red Rose Tea Embossed metal sign 1930s.
Art Deco Ash Tray Stand 1920s-30s. 265.00 CND
Art Deco Chalk-ware Dancers statue 250.00 CND
Art Deco Sun Child Figurine 1930s. 465.00 CND
Art Deco Mushroom Lamp 1930s-40s.
Art Deco ca.1930s Desk Set 265.00 CND
Doulton Lambeth Jardiniere 1880. 395.00 CND
Antique Games Table 1880 1250.00 CND
Vintage Toy Road Grader 1950's. 285.00 CND
Antique apothecary stacking Cabinet 4500.00 CND
Art Deco Oak Dressing Table Suite Ca 1930s 2850.00 CND
Belleek pottery from 1891 -1960s.
Half hull model ships Ca 1850 
Beds-Antiques ca 1900. 495.00 ea. CND
Canoe miniature Micmac/Mikmaq 680.00 CND
Orange Crush Vintage sign
Vintage Coca Cola poster
Redwing Stoneware 1920s-30s
Picture Frames 1850-1920
Cheese cutter/slicer Ca. 1850 195.00 CND
Antique Round side table Ca 1850. 395.00 CND
Antique Coat trees 1910-1940
Vintage Carved side table. 345.00 CND
Antique Dressing table 1820 975.00 CND
Antique Corner Cupboard 1870. 1250.00 CND
Doukhobor/Mennonite Laundry basket Ca 1910 250.00 CND
Arts & Crafts Secretary Desk 1905 965.00 CND
Medalta Art Vases 1937-1954 58.00 ea. CND
Vintage RCMP Items
Vintage Fishing Rods and Gear
Hall Stand Ca. 1900 1295.00 CND
MCM Cat Tail Lamp 1950s 425.00 CND
Antique Life Buoy 1900s 195.00 CND
Art Nouveau Bronze Plaque 425.00 CND
Native American Artifact
Antique portable Writing desk 1860 595.00 CND
Ship Wreck Lithograph ca.1890 495.00 CND
Art Nouveau chairs ca.1890 650.00 CND
Arts and Crafts coffee table ca.1920. 525.00 CND
Victorian parlour table ca. 1860 495.00 CND
Antique Book ends 1900-1930s.
Wall shelf ca.1840
Medalta stoneware 1918 to 1950s
Apothecary Cabinet ca. 1900
Pitcher and bowl set -1913 225.00 CND
Pitcher and Bowl set 1935 345.00 CND
Antique Victorian dresser 1870 1950.00 CND
Vintage and Antique as-is
Antique Ship Model 1920. 435.00 CND
Antique Candle Stand 1740 1450.00 CND
Coca-Cola Soda Dispenser 975.00 CND
Antique Commercial Cheese Slicer 365.00 CND
Antique Student Lamp 1890. 485.00 CND
Antique Finger Lamp 1871 285.00 CND
Antique Table lamp 1890 485.00 CND
Antique Butcher Block 1930 895.00 CND
Antique Fishing Trawler Model 265.00 CND
Aladdin No. 5 Lamp Ca. 1913 425.00 CND
Antique Lacrosse Stick 225.00 CND
Vintage Snow Shoes
Antique Bridge Lamp Ca.1915. 395.00 CND
Antique Art Nouveau Shelf 1890 195.00 CND
Columbia Phonograph 1902 AU 950.00 CND
Antique Washstand 1850 595.00 CND
Antique Hanging Lamp 1890 825.00 CND
Art Deco Hall Lamp 185.00 185.00 CND
Art Nouveau Lamp 1902 795.00 CND
Oil Lamp Chandelier 1870 1850.00 CND
Angle Oil Lamp Ca. 1880 Rewired. 595.00 CND
Mammoth Oil Lamp 1890 525.00 CND
Antique Plant Stand Ca.1910 495.00 CND
Art Nouveau Chandelier Ca. 1910 795.00 CND
Antique Doll House 1907 285.00 CND
Columbia 'BNW' Phonograph 1908 1495.00 CND
Aladdin Oil Lamp #6 1915 395.00 CND
Antique Pine Cupboard 1808 4200.00 CND
Antique Corner Cabinet Mennonite Ca. 1820 4950.00 CND